Covid Mitigation Policy

Terms and conditions of entry:

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • All event attendees enter at their own risk, while agreeing to co-operate with event organisers in any efforts to mitigate the risk of spreading the Covid.
  • If you have symptoms of cold/flu/temperature or have been told to self-isolate you must not attend the event. We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you at later events.
  • In line with government guidance where people come into close contact with others indoors we require to see a Domestic Events Covid Pass or Travel Pass before entry.
  • The use of face coverings or masks is for the individual attendee to decide, we expect everyone to be tolerant of others’ personal choices (including masks and personal space).
  • Attendees are requested to locate and use the available hand sanitisers on arrival and regularly during the event.
  • Rooms will be as well ventilated as we can manage.
  • Dancers who are willing to change partners between tandas are requested to pick up a yellow wristband to indicate that they are happy to be approached for dance requests (this is to allow an easy relaxed atmosphere which encourages conversation and conviviality, without the need to keep ‘eyes down’ if you are only dancing with your Tango Bubble partner).
  • Suffolk Tango reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual whose behaviour, in the opinion of an event organiser, poses a risk to the health or well-being of other dancers. The decision of the event organise will be final and cannot be appealed.
  • Suffolk Tango reserve the right to immediately terminate an event should the event host think it is necessary.

How to Obtain a Covid Pass

The ‘Domestic Events’ Covid Pass is available FREE and available via the NHS website or via the NHS Phone App.  A Pass is currently valid for those with: 2 jabs, OR have had a recent negative PCR test, OR registered a recent negative Lateral Flow test, OR have officially been proven to have had Covid in the past. Although not now a legal requirement it is still a government recommendation.

We also accept the NHS ‘Travel Pass’ as proof of 2 jabs.

You will need an NHS login to download the Pass, but many of you will already have this for access to your GP etc.  Please note that it may take as long a few days for the log-in to become active so don’t delay.  There are 3 ways to obtain a Pass:

  • Download and log in to the NHS App. You can then generate a QR code Pass at any time and specifically on arrival at the event. This is NOT the NHS Covid-19 App for Test and Trace.
  • If you don’t want to use the NHS App you can log in to your NHS account via PC/Mac/Phone/Tablet and request a PDF copy of the QR code Pass which you can print and bring with you to the venue.
  • Those without internet access can call 119 and request a time-limited Pass to be sent  to them in the post.  This may take a few days to arrive so don’t delay.
  • Passes will be verified on entry.  No Pass – no entry.

Full guidance on obtaining a Pass is at:


  • Prepare in advance because some of the government processes take time to complete.
  • Make sure that you request a ‘Domestic Events Pass’ because we can verify it automatically but we still accept a ‘Travel Pass’.
  • Bring your phone (with the App), or paper printout to the venue for verification on entry.
  • Check before setting off that your Pass will still be valid by the time that you arrive at the event (some Passes are only valid for 48 hours).
  • Lateral Flow Test results must be REGISTERED with the NHS in order to generate a Pass – DO NOT just bring the Lateral Flow Test unit to the venue.
  • If using the NHS App make sure your battery has sufficient charge and that you remember your NHS password (if needed)
  • No official Covid Pass – No Entry.

Last updated -17 Oct 2021