The Covid Policy itself can be found here.

How to Obtain an LFT kit and Report the Result

The kits are available from pharmacies or you can order online via

Please ensure you have your kit in good time for attending. Please check the instructions on each kit as they can vary between kits. Many of the latest kits use just nose swabs, so they are straightforward to use but we recommend a “trial run” if it’s your first time!

Please do your test on the same day as the event.

Report the result via

You will receive a text and/or an email. Please be prepared to show this confirmation on arrival at our events.

(In theory you can report the result by telephoning 119 but Suffolk Tango has not yet succeeded in doing this, so cannot confirm whether this route generates the required confirmation text or email)

How to Obtain a Covid Pass

NHS Travel Passes are available FREE via the NHS website or via the NHS Phone App.  We use the NHS ‘Travel Pass’ as proof that you are at least double vaccinated.

You will need an NHS login to download the Pass, but many of you will already have this for access to your GP etc.  Please note that it may take as long a few days for the log-in to become active so don’t delay.  There are 3 ways to obtain a Pass:

  • Download and log in to the NHS App. You can then generate a QR code Pass at any time and specifically on arrival at the event. This is NOT the NHS Covid-19 App for Test and Trace.
  • If you do not want to use the NHS App you can log in to your NHS account via PC/Mac/Phone/Tablet and request a PDF copy of the QR code Pass which you can print and bring with you to the venue.
  • Those without internet access can call 119 and request ann NHS Covid Pass letter. This may take a few days to arrive so don’t delay.
  • Passes will be verified on entry.  No Pass – no entry.

Full NHS guidance on obtaining a Pass is at:

Last updated 7/12/21