Please feel free to contact one of the team :

  • Julia Faulkner, Chair, Stratford St Andrew events, email Julia AT
  • David Faulkner, email David AT
  • Paula Kleyn, Facebook, email paula AT
  • Philip Wilmot, Practica, email Phil AT
  • Stephen Hodd, email Stephen AT
  • Mary Bradley, email Mary AT
  • Delia Duell, email delia AT
  • Paul Duell, email paul AT
  • Graham Grigg, email graham AT
  • Andrew Rayner, email: Andrew AT
  • Wendy Rayner, email: Wendy AT

(We have used AT instead of @ to avoid spamrobots sending us junk mail.  Please copy and paste the address and replace ‘AT’ with ‘@’)

If you would like to help run events or behind the scenes please contact us.  We can always do with more hands.

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