Please feel free to contact one of the team :

  • Rosemary Hoppitt, Chairman, 01394 383908, email: Rosemary AT
  • Stephen Hodd, email: Stephen AT
  • Cliff Hoppitt, Publicity, email: Cliff AT
  • Mandy Wilkinson, Fundamentals Course, email Mandy AT
  • Richard Kett, Fundamentals Course, email Richard AT
  • Paul Moser, Treasurer,  email: Paul AT
  • Mary Bradley, email Mary AT
  • Amanda Brakels, Henley events, email Amanda AT
  • Phil Wilmot, Practica, email Phil AT
  • David Faulkner, email David AT
  • Julia Faulkner, Stratford St Andrew events, email Julia AT
  • Andrew Rayner, email: Andrew AT
  • Wendy Rayner, email: Wendy AT
  • Graham Grigg, email grahamg AT
  • Paula Kleyn, email paula AT

(We have used AT instead of @ to avoid spamrobots sending us junk mail.  Please copy and paste the address and replace ‘AT’ with ‘@’)

Feel free to ring us if you want to speak to someone first-hand about our group, the events, classes or what is so special about Argentine Tango.

If you would like to help run events or behind the scenes please contact us.  We can always do with more hands.

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