Our simple checklist of milonga etiquette is as follows:

We’d love it if you would:

  • Ask someone to dance that you don’t normally dance with (Ladies may always also ask men to dance)
  • Clear the floor and change partners during the cortinas to give more people the chance to dance with you or your partner
  • Try using the cabaceo (smile/nod) both to ask and agree to a dance.
  • Before joining the ronda please watch out for approaching dancers.  Wait for a nod of approval from the leader approaching before moving in front of him to start dancing.
  • Be aware of everyone dancing around you, in particular watch up for others joining the dancefloor and ‘nod them in’
  • If you need to cross the dancefloor to get to the bar or toilets etc, please wait until there is a cortina, or if necessary the end of a track

Leaders, it would be great if you could avoid:

  • zig zagging in and out of the line of dance
  • allowing a space to open up in front of you – this means that dancers are building up behind you.

Followers, it would be great if you could avoid:

  • Walking backwards onto the dancefloor when asked to dance, please walk forwards or wait to be led to avoid backing into other dancers.

This video from two highly respected international teachers, Homer and Cristina, gives a very pragmatic overview (albeit a bit long) of milonga etiquette:

Some useful links about milonga etiquette: