Martlesham Práctica
Approximately Fortnightly on Sundays
6.00 pm to 8.30 pm
Martlesham Leisure Club

Please note that there will not be a techniques class on every occasion.

practica 2016

Join us for our next practica at Martlesham Leisure for a chance to practice and also for some one-to-one coaching.  This can be a chance to really boost your tango by practising and asking for one-to-one guidance on the things that you may be having trouble with, or perhaps there are new steps you would like to learn.

No need to book, just turn up – Dancers £5 (or just come and watch, listen and chat – no charge). Everyone welcome from beginners to advanced.  There will be non-stop Argentine Tango music (plus the occasional contemporary track), a bar and a chance to meet and dance with other tangueros.

New beginners who would like a taster of the Argentine tango should come along and the teachers and more experienced dancers will be only too happy to show you the basics to get you started. No need to come with a partner.  We look forward to meeting you.

Techniques Class: Some Practicas will include a 30-minute techniques class starting at 7.00pm. If you plan to participate, please arrive before 7.00pm so that the class can begin on time. The class has two aims:

  1. To focus on one basic technique, in an ‘all-levels’ approach, which may be something new for those starting their tango journey, and may be a refresher or reminder for those further down the line.
  2. To give dancers a focus for the practice session, so that if you wish you can work further on the technique with a view to mastering it in the practica with the teacher still present.

Although a ‘move’ may be taught in the course of the class, the focus is on developing mastery of the underlying technique rather than on ‘learning’ the move.

Coaching: When a Practica has included a techniques class it will usually be possible for single dancers or couples to book a 15 minute slot for one-to-one coaching with a teacher.

Directions to Martlesham Leisure Club which is in Gloster Road, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 3RJ.  On the 66 bus route from Ipswich, get off at BT and walk 50 yards to the venue.

Loads of free parking, air-conditioning, bar, and a large dance floor.

Except for the Christmas and New Year period, we try to run the practica every fortnight or three weeks, however the interval between adjacent practicas is sometimes extended in order to avoid a clash with a major event, or simply because the venue is unavailable.  Please check the dates below.

  • Jun 23 – with a technique class by Robert and Lorraine
  • Jul 7 – with a technique class by Dave and Julia
  • Jul 21 – with a technique class by Cliff and Rosemary
  • Aug 11 – with a technique class by Cliff and Rosemary
  • More being planned.

Membership: There is no need to be a member of Martlesham Leisure.

For more information: e-mail practica AT