Previous Guest Teacher Workshops Topics

Here are some of the previous topics for the Sunday workshops at Henley

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July (Manor Ballroom): Solveig and Bogdan

  • The rolling embrace and tight turns.

June (Manor Ballroom): Omar Sosa

  • When you are up you are up, when you are down you are down.

March and April; Kate Issotta and Tony Ramsay

  • Off Axis Adventures
  • Free Up Your Dancing – The Cross-Foot Cross


Nov: Caro

  • Nuevo immersion

Oct: Siobhan Richards:

  • colgaditas in a close embrace
  • Spice up your dance: musical finesses for him and her dancing ochos

May: Siobhan Richards:

  • Rhythmic turns for Vals.
  • Salon-friendly Boleos

April: Raquel Greenberg:

  • Milonga technique and Musicality.  Fine tuning the lead and follow and with some fun combinations.
  • Giros develop a good connection and technique. Control of start and finish of a giro and play with simple but useful combination.

March : Raquel and Diego :

  • Milonga – musicality and rhythm and how to use the double time and other syncopas (12 months plus)
  • Giros – techniques and combinations in closed and open embrace (12 months plus)

Feb : Amir Giles :

  • Rhythmic variations and decorations
  • Men: Leading and being led (plus women interested in leading)

Jan : Michael Lavocah:

  • Milonga from basics to ochos and giros – all levels
  • All levels : Changing the embrace



November: Mabe Rivero:

  • Creating romantic moments in your dance
  • Ladies – continuity and support

October : Siobhan Richards:

  • Combining turns, changing direction within a turn
  • Ladies poise and styling.

April : Siobhan Richards:

  • Dynamic walking turns for tango and vals
  • Improver: Playful ocho cortado variations.


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